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Nature 2 Mineral Purifier for Now Available

Darlly Europe are delighted to announce that we have been granted distributorship of Zodiac's Nature2 SPA line for the European market. We're especially pleased about this appointment, as it allows us to stock and distribute a fantastic product which is incredibly effective, with tangible consumer and retailer benefits, and which extends and enhances our trade offering of the very best hot tub water quality maintenance products. It's also further recognition by a major global industry brand o..

New Labels New Cartons for 2016

A NEW Year with NEW labels, NEW Carton Lables and some NEW Carton Quantities. The New labels now show Darlly code, Unicel code and Pleatco code as normal BUT in addition we have length and diameter of filter which saves you and your customers reaching for the tape meaasure in the shop AND the spa brands that the filter is relevant to - saves you reaching for the brochure! In addition we now have barcodes on each filter label and a QR code which you can easily over label with details o..

2016 Brochure Now Available

Its new, easier to handle, attractive and more informative than ever; helping you to identify that elusive filter type. Available in English 20th November 2016 with French and German versions available 2 weeks following. Digital Flipbook Version is available online now here Digital PDF version UK is available online now here Digital PDF version GERMAN is available online now here Digital PDF version FRENCH is available online now here Every Darlly custom..

In June this year Greg will be cycling 380km from London to Paris as part of the Loughborough University Team in aid of  Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. His bid is to raise over £1,000 for the cause. Darlly are sponsoring him with his equipment, his accomodation and travel expenses as well as 10% of all filter sales during the period of his 3 day gruelling challenge. You can help also by visiting his Just Giving Page here  ..

How Our Site Works
How Our Site Works - 08/05/2013

1. Register Your Details. Please enter your VAT and Company number if applicable, it will save you time later.  2. We then receive your details, approve you (if we like you) and send you a login. You will be classed as UK or EU (for delivery purposes) and then as a carton or pallet customer; default is carton customer, unless you sell a LOT of filters. Let us know if you intend to order by pallet.  3. We have 4 Price Levels. Single Filter Price (or drop ship), Carton ..

" You must use Genuine manufacturer parts supplied by us (the manufacturer) otherwise this may invalidate your warranty" WRONG  This is actually an illegal statement as per the 'Must Fit' and 'Must Match' exception  A Hot Tub consumer has every right to replace their filter from ANY third party spare-part supplier they wish, so long as the filter fits (Must Fit) and matches (Must Match) the original part that came with the spa. Their original warranty remains. ..


Spot The Difference
Spot The Difference - 02/05/2013

Lets compare our filter media [Reemay] with that of another leading brand [for fear of being assaulted lets call it Media A]. Fibre Shape. Reemay Trilobal fibres deliver 67% greater surface area over Media A. Fused Fibres in Media A reduces effective filtration even further. (Both Media samples were micro-photographed at 900x on a black background from the same distance. Media Uniformity The spot-to-spot uniformity in this image of REEMAY versus MEDIA A is so apparent, ..

When buying a cheap filter is MORE expensive

There are plenty of cheap filters available in the Hot Tub market, sometimes 30% or even 50% cheaper. These filters are cheaper because they use an alternative, cheaper media (the pleats). These cheaper filters: 1) Cannot be washed and re-used 2) Will become 'blocked' and lose porosity very quickly. This will reuslt in a drop in water pressure coming from the jets and continual 'FLOW" error messages on your control panel because there is insufficient water flowing through the ..

NEW PRODUCT NEWS - PreStream Filter

. . . . . . . Now Available SC778 DARLLY PRE-STREAM®  A Pre-Filter which fits to any garden hose and removes unwanted sediment, minerals and deposits whilst you fill your Spa, Hot Tub or Garden Pool. Saves your spa filter in the first days, ensures more chemical-balanced water and, therefore, less spa chemicals initially. ..

New Horizons For Darlly Manufacturing

Hangzhou Darlly Filtration commence the build of a new manufacturing facility in Spring of 2012. Such expansion will create 200 new jobs and should see output of filters increase from 3 million to 6 million units in the following 2 years. Theresa Zhang is International Export Manager for Darlly and has played a major role in the company’s growth saying. "Darlly’s business model is based on Innovation and the quality of our products. This new facility will include a State-of-the-Art resear..