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Pure Delight - Golden Coast Now UK Distributors

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Golden Coast is delighted to announce another exclusive UK distribution deal: this time with leading filter cartridge manufacturer Darlly Europe.


“Darlly is, quite simply, the world’s number one manufacturer of quality filter cartridges,” says Golden Coast’s Managing Director Jamie Adams.


“By joining forces with a company equipped to produce more than three million filters a year, whose filtration expertise and technology have been applied in such advanced fields as biopharmaceuticals and microelectronics, as well as water treatment, we will have a formidable product line-up to add to our existing range.”


Golden Coast is looking to build on its already strong presence in the spa and hot tub accessory market, which it supplies through Essentials – Europe’s largest range of pool and spa accessories sold through one supplier.


The Darlly products will immediately add more than a hundred different off-the-shelf cartridges to Golden Coast’s range, along with a variety of other filter-related equipment.


“In addition to increasing choice for our customers, and guaranteeing exceptional quality, the Darlly brand will bring a succession of exciting innovations to the UK market,” Jamie Adams adds.


Speaking in support of this new partnership Darlly said “ We are very excited to partner with Golden Coast who we recognise as Europe’s leading Pool and Spa product supplier; their vision, marketing skills and streamline operating efficiency is streets ahead of others in the wet leisure sector.


Innovation is the lifeblood of businesses; we invest considerable resources into R&D and product innovation including building a new 40,000 sq meter state-of-the-art facility, opening early 2014. This new facility will include an ultra-modern research & development capability and technologically advanced laboratory which will enable us to rapidly test and develop new products applying new technologies.


The Quality of our products gives us a competitive advantage. Superior Quality and reliability is inherent in the excellence of our products and service. This is both absolute and universally recognisable: The Darlly logo is a mark of uncompromising standards and superior Quality and achievement. We only use the highest-quality raw materials including Reemay ® filtration media and Microban - We lead the industry with our product guarantees.


By being ahead of the competition we are able to gain market share and, with new products, establish ourselves as market leaders and build brand loyalty. Partnering with Golden Coast endorses these efforts and we look forward very much to working with Jamie and his team.”


Latest developments include the Darlly Cyclone Filter Cleaner, an ergonomically designed, hand-held, ‘brush and flush’ device that restores the filter cartridge and prolongs its life. Another is Pre-Stream, a pre-filter which can be attached to the end of a garden hose, when filling a pool or spa, to remove at least 90% of the tap water’s contaminants. This reduces the amount of chemical treatment needed to maintain water quality, while extending the life of the filter cartridge.


Darlly’s Pure-Stream, which also fits on the end of a garden hose, utilises ion exchange to removes calcium and magnesium by ion exchange. By transforming hard water into something similar to pure bottled water, Pure-Stream avoids the problem of limescale, which would result in unpleasant deposits, clogged filter cartridges and damaged heater elements.


 Another Darlly development, SilverStream, which utilises silver ion technology, is the most advanced filter cartridge range to date. Its antimicrobial properties help to prevent bacteria and fungi from surviving on the filter’s surface, within the core or in the end cap – resulting in a cleaner, more hygienic, odour-free and longer-lasting filter cartridge.


Jamie Adams concludes: “The appointment of Golden Coast as Darlly’s UK distributor is good news for both of our companies. As Britain’s biggest independent supplier of wet leisure products to the trade, and with our existing strength in the spa and hot tub market, we will be able to raise the profile of the Darlly brand in this country. At the same time, Golden Coast and its customers will benefit from Darlly’s truly exceptional collection of high-quality products.”


In response Gil GIngell of Darlly Europe said " We have waited a long time for the right partners in the UK and we are delighted as we believe Golden Coast to easily be the leaders in the Wet Leisure Industry - In the end the choice was simple. They are excellent, forward-thinking, marketeers, run an extremely slick operation in Devon and are all-round good guys of the industry.


A quality product like Darlly requires quality suppliers and thats exactly what we now have in Golden Coast"


To find out more about Darlly Europe, visit For information on Golden Coast, call 01271 378100, email or visit