Filters4spas Limited

How Our Site Works

1. Register Your Details. Please enter your VAT and Company number if applicable, it will save you time later. 

2. We then receive your details, approve you (if we like you) and send you a login. You will be classed as UK or EU (for delivery purposes) and then as a carton or pallet customer; default is carton customer, unless you sell a LOT of filters. Let us know if you intend to order by pallet. 

3. We have 4 Price Levels. Single Filter Price (or drop ship), Carton Price, Pallet Price and Container direct from factory.  For full pricing detail Visit Here

The first price you see after clicking 'Filters' is Carton or Pallet unit price, depending upon your classification - this then changes automatically depending upon the Option you select (see section 5) 

4. We have a number of   'Find Your Filter' facilities, by Top&Bottom, if you have the filter present, is very popular, by Spa Brand, both search boxes can be found on the right hand side of the Filter Pages - OR you can use our dedicated search modules at any time (it's on every page) you can type whatever you wish into the search bar in the top right hand side - its easy!. For example just enter the length of the filter (to the nearest cm) et voila all of the filters of that length will appear on your screen. Unicel Code C-4326 (remember they have dashes) Pleatco Code PWW??? will bring all the PWW into the search frame, even a brand like Arctic Spas, Sundance . . . they will all end up on your search results page, you can even add to cart here without having to go to the Product Page.

5. OPTIONS, before you 'Add to Cart' you will need to specify that you require a Single Filter or Cartons of Filters, or you can have a mix of both (remember singles are more expensive than cartons).

6. You can alter your order at any time just 'Go To Shopping Cart' and amend or delete - there is an update/refresh button left of Unit Price (The Curly Thing)

7. When in 'Shopping Cart' you will see the current weight of your order as this is how your Shipping Cost is calculated See Here

8. Once logged in, after the first time, your details are stored (except credit card details), although you can alter the Delivery Address each time should you require Drop-Shipping.

9. Your order history, invoices, product types, wish lists, product comparisons are all stored online simply hit the 'MY ACCOUNT' button top right hand side.

10. We have built this website to make your life easier and your business more efficient and we want to encourage you to order by using this site HOWEVER we still have telephones here and we are always here to help (especially Elaine!) our number is +44 (0)1952 580500