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" You must use Genuine manufacturer parts supplied by us (the manufacturer) otherwise this may invalidate your warranty"


 This is actually an illegal statement as per the 'Must Fit' and 'Must Match' exception

 A Hot Tub consumer has every right to replace their filter from ANY third party spare-part supplier they wish, so long as the filter fits (Must Fit) and matches (Must Match) the original part that came with the spa. Their original warranty remains.

The reasoning behind this is to do with an OEM trying to create an unfair monopoly and "Price-Fix" spare parts, which is wholly unfair to the consumer.<br>

Importantly Darlly Filters are supplied to many leading OEM's in any case AND they are still the ONLY cartridge filter on the market which carry a full Money Back GUARANTEE for 12 months.

Here endeth todays Legal Sermon.

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