Filters4spas Limited

Spot The Difference

Lets compare our filter media [Reemay] with that of another leading brand [for fear of being assaulted lets call it Media A].

Fibre Shape.

Reemay Trilobal fibres deliver 67% greater surface area over Media A. Fused Fibres in Media A reduces effective filtration even further. (Both Media samples were micro-photographed at 900x on a black background from the same distance.

Media Uniformity

The spot-to-spot uniformity in this image of REEMAY versus MEDIA A is so apparent, it does not require explanation. BUT what does need clarifying is that Reemay has 42% greater void volume which results in DOUBLE the plug-time (clogging), therefore, it is twice the interval time between filter cleans.

In Summary

Media Spot-to-Spot Uniformity - A critical property, whereby thin spots are weak links and result in dirtier spa water.

Media Unit Weight - Performance generally increases as the weight of the media increases.

Thickness -Creates both surface and depth filtration for optimum performance

Pleat Integrity or Rigidity -As media thickness is reduced, pleat rigidity is reduced; low pleat rigidity can result in pleat collapse

Filtration Efficiency -Correlates to turbidity reduction on one side, with pressure drop and filter life on the other

Filter Life -Optimum performance combines three related but different areas: dirt holding capacity, cleanability and media durability